Chris Brown sued for US$ 1.5 Million over Copyright Infringement

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Superstar singer Chris Brown has been sued for copyright infringement over his track Privacy, released in March 2017 and taken from his album Heartbreak on a Full Moon.A UK-based music publishing company called Greensleeves Publishing Ltd, which also has a US HQ in New York, alleges that Brown ripped off a 1997 dancehall track called Tight Up Skirt to create his track..

Tight Up Skirtperformed by Jamaican Dancehall star Red Rat, was released in 1997, first in the UK and later around the world on the album ,Red Rat, who is not mentioned in the legal document filed by Greensleeves,said in 2017  following the release of Privacy that he was “getting many calls left and right from many people asking me about my thoughts regarding Chris Brown sampling Tight Up Skirt, and all I can say is, ‘Give God all the glory.”

Greensleeves is also requesting actual damages and profits “in an amount in excess of $1.5m to be determined at trial, plus interest”

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