We are rich by hard work not music- Eddy Yawe

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The Ssentamu family comprising celebrity brothers and sisters, Bobi Wine, Mikie Wine, Eddy Yawe, Bajjo Man,Dax Vibes ,Chairman Nyanzi and Irene Kayemba

Their money is a point of discussion after Eddy Yawe paraded his complete mansion which he has been building for over 10 years. He joins the league of his brothers, Mikie and Banjo who have posh houses.

The grapevine has been linking the wealth of the other Ssentamu’s to Bobi Wine. Some people claim that his brothers have been able to build houses because of his financial support, something his brothers dispute.

Mikie and Banjo said Bobi Wine only taught them how to fish but never gave them fish.  

Eddy Yawe “Our family is one of the hard workers. We are over 30 but we all are well off. We work super hard,its not from politics or music but hard work “

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