Rapper Fefe Bussi Releases A Song – Gulu

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Since 2021 started, several Ugandan musicians have attended meetings in Gulu, a District in Northern Uganda with Gen Salim Saleh the chief coordinator of Operation Wealth Creation in a bid to get assistance in form of money to the music industry which has been hit badly by the Covid-19 induced lockdown.

This “Gulu Meeting”  has now been trending for all sorts of the right and wrong reasons and on Thursday we saw Artist/politician and former Presidential Candidate Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi Wine stinging and scorning all the artists for meeting Gen. Saleh.

Now Lugaflow rapper and the top boss at FBM, Frank Mukiza known by many as  Feffe Bussi who happens to be one of the artists  under the Uganda Musicians Superstar Association that met with the retired military General has come-out in a free-style titled `Emboozi Ye Gulu.

On this free-style that was mastered, produced and mixed by the fast rising audio producer and professional sound engineer Ian Pro in Mantie Records, the `smallest rapper` narrates the entire storyline of how him and fellow “superstars’ journey to Gulu  started and concluded in a punchy and particularly known flow of his full of humorous and coordinating word-plays.

Feffe on this song says that not everyone who went to Gulu to meet the General got money as rumours have been ongoing on different media platforms.

“Sibuli agenda e Gulu nti aba agenze mu Gulu / nebwoba olabye Mr Gulu,” He raps on the song.. 

The rapper also divulges that after creating the Ugandan Musicians Superstars’ Association, they had one mission but when they reached in Gulu, different artistes had different missions.

“….some to be rescued from poverty, others to settle issues in the industry,” he rapped his heart out.

He also jokingly narrated how  they expounded  their  itching matters to General Saleh but he was rather just staring at them while smoking his cigarette.  

“..Nafulumamu wabweru nze nendyoka nseke nga ndaba twogera, Gen ali  kuka sigala ke…,” Fefe continued to rap on the song.

On this song Fefe elucidates how they explained to General Saleh about  the copyright issues and he encouraged them  that as Operation Wealth Creation, they are working on that matter and that sooner than later everything will be alright

Furthermore, the rapper babbled that in this meeting, they lost control of their anger when Gen Saleh told them about the “One Music Center” the government is planning to offer to them.

“….we asked him who they consulted to come up with that and why they didn’t involve stake holders and share holders like them the artists” He noted on the song.

Still on the song, Fefe Busi explains that Gen Saleh told them how he paid for the online Concerts so artistes can get paid.

” …and we told him that the people he gives the money to pay us, cheat us, he then said that ‘ I don’t fear losses even if they steal from me’,” Fefe concluded

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