Robert Kabushenga vs. Moses Magogo over Micho’s Reappointment

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Former New Vision CEO Robert Kabushenga and FUFA boss Moses Magogo are currently in a ‘nasty’ fight Twitter. Bitterly spilling eachother’s secrets just after re-appointing Coach Micho.

The two started their spat in the morning after a comment by Kabushenga regarding the reappointment of Milutin Sredojević alias Micho as Uganda Cranes coach for the next three years.

It should be remembered that Micho parted way with Uganda Cranes and sued Uganda’s Football administration for salary arrears owed to him in 2016.

However, Micho last year through his social media channels indicated that he had been paid fully and thanked FUFA president for keeping his word.

In a new arrangement, Micho was reappointed national team coach yesterday, prompting a comment from Kabushenga.

“@michocoach I hope this time you have been paid in advance. Unless of course, you are returning as a volunteer. If they pickpocket you again don’t come here to make noise for us,” Kabushenga commented.

Kabushenga’s comment did not do well with Magogo who came out guns blazing.

“With you as the country head boy, we will make sure that in this new contract we pay him through your bank account,” Magogo commented.

“@mosesmagogo, stupidity is not a badge of honor. It is not a good idea to wear it in full public view. But then again you are far too tone-deaf to understand it,” Kabushenga replied.

“It looks like tweeting is your retirement hobby. Dotcom era Jajja does not tell stories around fireplaces but tweets Just provide us your bank details to be receiving the man’s salaries. Thank you for a good job,” Magogo clapped back.

The two continued hitting each other and have not yet ceased despite repeated calls from other colleagues to get off the network and settle aside.

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