South Sudanese attack Spice Diana over popular musician Mantani’s death

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On social media, a section of South Sudanese have ganged up and attacked Ugandan singer Spice Diana accusing her of not standing with them when they are in problems.

The attack came about after the Spice Diana singer posted about their singer named Mantani who succumbed to accident injuries three days ago from Uganda. 

“RIP MANTANI, he has been one of the most talented artistes, SOUTH SUDAN my other home, this is so sad,” She sent her condolences. 

However, South Sudanese are saying that she decided to send the condolences after they promised to boycott her music.

“After hearing that South Sudanese have banned foreign artistes from performing in their country, you guys have decided to come out to pretend, the guy died since 24th and now you are claiming you are mourning,” Imple Amos said.
“After media criticism then you said you are sending condolences, we now know you people are heartless,” Ryan Rayan Da Creator commented.

Titus Munir has accused Spice of Hypocrisy.

“Hypocrisy won’t take you anywhere, the RIP from us South Sudan see is enough for our brother,” he noted. 

Angry South Sudanese claim that they expected the entertainment industry in Uganda to mourn with them.

“We are sorry that you and your Uganda Artistes Association couldn’t recognise us during these hardest moments other than recognising money more worse than the life of your fellow Artistes,” a South Sudan internet User said.

“But none of the Ugandan TV shows talked about the painful death of our artiste yet Ugandan Artistes are always invited to South Sudan and perform but they have shown their ungratefulness which is bringing specious questions to us the Southerners,” Another South Sudanese citizen noted

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