Stimulus Covid-19 fund to Ug Superstars

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A shocking stimulus budget from the United Superstars Association, a faction that broke away from UMA led by singer Jose Chameleone while seeking for financial relief from the Chief Coordinator Operation Wealth Creation, Gen Salim Saleh has really proved beyond doubt that indeed Gulu is currently heaven for local artistes

Artistes have for the past weeks been skinned for dining with a General, Salim Saleh in Gulu begging for money to the extent of some allegedly clashing for it something that had since then left Ugandans with a lot of unanswered questions
Inside the stimulus budget reportedly spearheaded by singer Jose Chameleone on behalf of the United Superstars Association that is currently going viral allover social media, it lists out names of particular artistes and the so many millions they are requesting to be compensated for by government following their individual losses that they registered as a result of the closure of the music business.
his however, tells volumes that all along artistes have been flocking to Gen Saleh’s residence while seeking to benefit from the billions and billions of moneys from his bags so as to tame the cruel pandemic lockdown while in the guise of lobbying for fellow artistes.
It clearly explains why Chameleone has been bashed, criticized and demeaned from all corners for allegedly carrying the burden and heavy cross for the likes of Feffe Bussi,King Saha, Pallaso, Kabako Ziza Bafana and many others for purportedly trying to not only organize the music industry but also lobby for them some funds and relief in this lock down.

We all know musicians have spent about one and half years grassing without performing since the government banned public gathering and music shows. In fact some of these ‘begging’ artists reached out to the community and gave out food relief during the first lock down. They have literally used all their life savings.

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