Rwandan president Paul Kagame slams Arsenal for opening Premier League defeat

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The president of Rwanda criticised Arsenal after they lost their opening match of the new Premier League season to Brentford.

Paul Kagame, whose government sponsors the Gunners, said fans deserved better than “mediocrity”.

After the game on Friday, which Arsenal lost 2-0, Mr Kagame tweeted: “We just must NOT excuse or accept mediocrity.

“A team has to be built with purpose to win win win.”

One part to look at is how we deal in the market- players we buy to execute the plan.

“The touch&go mentality does not bring change.”

Rwanda’s government has had a sponsorship deal with the club worth more than £30m since 2018.

As part of the deal, a “Visit Rwanda” logo is emblazoned on the Arsenal players’ shirts.

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