Emyooga program to Buganda

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The government has announced its partnership with Buganda for the Emyooga program implementation. The State Minister for Microfinance, Haruna Kyeyune Kasolo revealed this.

This program seeks to enable Ugandans in the informal sector to boost their household incomes. They will do this by growing people’s small businesses through saving in  saccos and borrowing small interest rates.

The minister however says he has found a very hard time implementing this program because they have politicized it a lot.

However, the minister says partnering with Buganda will ensure successful implementation of the program. This is because the government can use Buganda’s structures to reach out to the population.

“The program is aimed at ensuring financial inclusion and will record more success if we partner with institutions like Buganda.”

Due to this, the minister yesterday met with Buganda heads led by the Katikiro, Peter Mayiga. He said they are ready and willing to work with the government regarding this program.

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