Bamwine transfered to Nakaseke

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The Resident City Commissioner (RCC) for Masaka City, Mr. Fred Bamwine has been transferred to Nakaseke as the Resident District Commissioner (RDC), the DailyExpress has learnt.

Bamwine was transferred in the new RCC/RDC reshuffles announced by the Minister for Presidency, Ms. Milly Babalanda on Monday afternoon.

Nakawa’s RCC, Anderson Burora recently famous for the “gamba nogu” phrase has been transferred from Nakawa to Lubaga division in other changes.

Bamwine, previously RDC for Mukono district faces the reshuffle amid the outraging machete-wielding thugs in the Greater Masaka which has claimed over 25 lives in a space of one month.

In response to the incidents in Masaka, Police today confirmed that they had arrested 15 suspects in connection with the killings as security intensifies in the region.

Fred Enanga, the police spokesperson said, “most of the suspected killers stay within the communities.”

A joint security force of police, counter-terrorism personnel, military intelligence, Internal Security Organisation (ISO), Special Forces Command, and experienced counter-insurgency officers are camped in Masaka to investigate the shocking murders.

he killers break into the houses of the victims before stabbing them with sharp objects.

The opposition has called on security services to do more to secure the area. 

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