DP Demands Minister Otafiire’s Resignation, Interrogation over ‘Reckless Statements’

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The Democratic party has called for immediate resignation and interrogation of Ministry of Internal Affairs minister General Kahinda Otafiire, over statements he made in connection to the Masaka killings. 

While appearing on television on Thursday, Otafiire mentioned and insinuated that if the ruling National Resistance Movement was in charge of Masaka, there wouldn’t be any killings in the greater Masaka region. This was in the context of suggesting that the opposition since gaining majority support in the recently concluded 2021 took over the region, yet it remains within the boundaries of the republic of Uganda and security is the responsibility of the government, not different political parties.

Luyimbazi Nalukoola, the party’s National legal advisor while addressing the media at the party’s weekly briefing also demanded for the resignation of the president, citing failure to provide security to the country’s citizenry.

Even if Otafiire accepted DP’s demand to resign, it wouldnt be his first tome to do so fro the ministerial job for misconduct. In 1998 he resigned after being accused of drawing a pistol during an argument with the late Jennifer Kuteesa at Fairway hotel. He coincidentally held the same position and was at the moment an army colnel. He duly obliged and resigned and president Museveni while accepting the speech mentioned that the National Resistance Movement government would not tolerate any indiscipline displayed by anybody regardless of his position, such as shown by Otafiire. 

He has also been mentioned in several other scandals, notably, plundering DRC of natural resources, irregularly giving away public property and being accused of land grabbing.

Meantime, at the press briefing held at City House, Luyimbazi mentioned that Democratic Party will not turn down the invitation to join The Inter-party Organisation for dialogue -IPOD, a platform that brings together political parties for dialogue. 

He said, unlike the National Unity platform that recently turned down the invitation, the oldest party in Uganda is open to the prospect of dialogue and the money that may be involved though he lamented that the National Resistance Movement always takes the lion’s share. 


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