Abdul Mulaasi to sue artists

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Singer Abdul Mulaasi has vowed to sue upcoming musicians Tripple Jahx Owenduku and Xesta Krimino for redoing his “Swimming Pool” song without his consent.

The furious Abdul Mulaasi threatened that he is to send the duo to prison for life for going against the copyright rule of his musical content.

He threatened that he is to imprison the duo to the point that their keys will be thrown in the toilet and will not be seen again.

Abdul Mulaasi disclosed that he has so far contacted his lawyers about the case adding that they are in the process of filing a court case on the matter.

When the duo was contacted about the matter, they revealed that they decided to do Abdul Mulaasi’s song cover because they wanted to awaken the old music.

They also believe that they did an excellent job which fans should decide on whether to keep it or trash.

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