Gulu City RDC Bans All Hotels From Hosting Musicians

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Gulu Resident District Commissioner (RDC) Dennis Odongping has warned all hotel and guesthouse owners against hosting people claiming to be guests of General Salim Saleh, the national coordinator of Operation Wealth Creation (OWC).

In a letter dated 13 September 2021, Odongping said no guest should be hosted in any hotel in Gulu City without the official booking of Gen Saleh’s Military Assistant Colonel Jimmy Nkojo.

“Reference is made to my meeting with you on 16th April , 2021 where you were requested not to receive and host any guest who claim to be the guest of General Salim Saleh (CCO OWC and SPAD) without the official booking of his Military Assistant (Colonel Jimmy Nkojo on 0777007279),” the RDC said.

Odongping further cautioned that any booking not sanctioned by Gen Saleh’s Military Assistant will not be honored.

The General’s residence within 4th Division UPDF Barracks in Gulu City is a beehive of activity, teeming with guests waiting for audience. Whereas his residence and the army barracks is somewhat limited to dignitaries, available options such as Bomah Hotel, where he has created a boardroom, Watoto Church, and Acholi Inn, all come in handy to handle his varied classes of guests.

Besides those who visit to access Gen Saleh and seek financial support, key investment, governance and state decisions appear to be incubated and made from Gulu at the moment.

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