I’m not crazy, I’m just broke-Jamie Culture

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Jamie Culture’s real father surfaces after being disowned by Legendary Kabuye Sembogga.
Jamie Culture real father claims that Kabuye Sembogga is not the rightful father for Jamie as he lamented to the media, claiming that he is the biological father for Jamie.
He added that Jamie escaped from his village home and come town after making neighbor’s daughter pregnant and then started off with his music career.
He claimed that he people saying that he might be abusing drugs and there was need to take him to rehab.However he claimed that he might be disturbed by clan issues and he said that he will take him to village for spiritual cleansing from his ‘Senga’.
Few weeks ,Jamie ‘s landlady explained that she had been encountering him but he didn’t seem to speak any understandable speech and could not comprehend anything .
She added that her client has not been paying rent ever since this year’s lockdown started and that she can not accommodate him anymore.Jamie Culture is the songwriter behind Irene Namatovu’s ‘Kuzala Kujagaana’ song that won an AFRIMA award in the year 2018 and Rema Namakula’s ‘Banyabo’ song among others.
‘Telukya’ is one of Jamie Culture’s best songs.

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