Musician in Trouble for Illegal Gun possession, Making Threats and ‘Acholi’ Remarks

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The Police in Aswa River region has picked interest in investigating Northern Uganda Based Musician Bosmic Otim for making threatening statements while posing with different guns.

Recorded videos of Otim in which he is holding separate guns with several rounds of ammunition have been making rounds on various social media platforms in the past two weeks.

In the first video recorded for one minute and forty seconds, the Musician turned politician is seen holding an AK47 assault rifle while threatening to carry out revenge on people he alleges are used to kill Acholi.

He says in the Video: “…I’m bitter at the way some people think they can make fools of the Acholi people. It’s time, anyone who thinks he is used to killing the Acholi, we shall kill you, we shall not leave you. If you have no problem with us, we shall spare your life, but if you had trouble with us and hated us and wanted Acholi to be killed, we shall kill you, it’s the only solution….” 

Otim would later come out to refute the viral video saying it was fake and concocted by propagandists.

But before the dust could settle, another two minutes and 50 seconds recorded video of Otim this time holding a different gun with several rounds of ammunition was shared on social media.

In the video that equally went viral, Otim can be heard warning a Resident District Commissioner and a Radio Presenter in Kitgum Municipality for allegedly discussing him on-air and calling him to surrender. He went on the threaten the duo and warned them to always move while armed since he knows where they all sleep.

The videos ignited social media and public debates with many people condemning his provocative utterances and threats.

Security personnel now say his conduct can’t be taken lightly.

David Ongom Mudong, Aswa River Region Police Spokesperson told URN on Monday that security personnel looked through the videos and have taken up an investigation to understand Otim’s motives.

Mudong says since the Musician is a civilian, they also want to understand the motive behind him posing with the guns since the firearms are a preserve of the armed forces.

Unlawful Possession of a Firearm Contrary to Section 3 (1) (2) (A) & (B) of the Firearms Act is an offense in the country and attracts a sentence of not exceeding one year in jail on conviction or a fine not exceeding 60 currency points or both.

Not Ugandan guns

Security analysts who watched the videos however say the guns used are not from Ugandan security forces since they are old and of a different model.

“These are not our guns, they are old and types were not used by Ugandan security forces,” an army officer told URN on condition of anonymity since the Police are still handling the matter.

Otim is suspected to be hiding in the neighboring South Sudan where he fled last month.

He alleges that security personnel have been hunting for him after making statements demanding answers over the questionable death of their sons from Acholi following the demise of former speaker of Parliament Jacob Oulanyah.

Ever since Oulanyah was announced dead last month, Otim has been making scathing statements including a recorded song on what he perceives as the premature death of the Acholi people holding top government positions. The song has since been banned from playing on radio airwaves in the region.


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