Neteze Eddy Yawe ft Martha Mukisa At War

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EDDY Yawe and Mukisa released their collabo ‘Neteze’ and it is one of the trending songs currently on YouTube and airwaves across Uganda.

We have established however that after realizing that the song is a huge success, Yawe decided to claim 100% copyrights, arguing that he invested a lot in the project.

Yawe reportedly submitted a takedown request to YouTube copyright which was accepted and the song was deleted after a full investigation into the matter.

The song now only remains available on Yawe’s YouTube channel.

“Yawe is not an easy chap to deal with. Selfishness runs in his blood. We kowtowed to everything he asked us, but still he  toyed and played us. He wasn’t a team player from the on set, setting tough terms and conditions for us which we had to follow painstakingly for both parties to benefit and have a successful project. He even refused to contribute any single coin to the video shoot,” Norman

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